No Pink Ribbon here...
There is no pink ribbon here.  It is a surreal life, living in increments bookmarked by oncology appointments, dealing with fatigue, depression, therapy side effects, sometimes pain and financial pressure and always hoping there is one more treatment option in the ether to keep this disease at bay for a while longer.  Initially, these issues may be lighter, increasing in intensity as time passes.

To deal with MBC, I find it necessary to revisit my priorities regularly, gauging how I will spend my time and energy from the vantage point of finite.

I know that I need stamina,to adjust my expectations, goals and dreams, to find a new way to measure achievements, to squeeze every happiness out of each moment, to advocate for myself, to spend as much time as possible with my family and friends, maybe find a way to help others, to develop a sense of humour, to not 'whine',  to learn new ways of dealing with loss and anger and to become accustomed to a work and social life that waxes and wanes. 

And most of all, I need to hold hope close to my chest, maybe not for a cure but for a time in the not too distant future when MBC is no longer terminal, but a chronic illness, manageable but not life threatening. 

​Maureen K Williams
​Westboro, Ottawa

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