Who We Are
​​After living with MBC since the diagnosis November 23, 2009, I came to the conclusion that my stress levels could be greatly decreased if I shared my experience with others on the same journey.  So I first advertised on Kijiji for people interested in a peer group for MBC individuals and followed it up with Facebook feelers.  Finally, in February, 2017, our group met for the first time in Westboro.  The aim was/is to create a safe, supportive environment where MBC individuals can freely share their knowledge, issues and concerns.   

​For the first few months, we met at my studio.  However, being on the 3rd floor of a building with no elevator necessitated a change in location. With the warmer weather, we moved on to local coffee shops, members' homes and, for a time, we took our meetings to a member who was no longer able to travel. 

In August, 2018, the group voted to come under the umbrella of Breast Cancer Action (BCA) Ottawa.  It is thanks to their generosity that we now have a permanent home for our peer meetings, at no charge to participants, in the Churchill Seniors Recreation Centre, 345 Richmond Road, Westboro, Ottawa. 

Individuals have embraced a rotation of  roles like developing an agenda, logistics, chairing, contributing snacks, education and art expression.  Some prefer to participate in the peer support group meetings and leave additional tasks to others which is "all alright".  We also have members who come and go, and, of course, we can appreciate, as no one else can, how involvement in the world may wax and wane depending on the side effects of therapy and the disease itself.  You are welcome to join us and may be pleasantly surprised since, although we ensure everyone has a chance to talk on any subject and some may at any time choose to share their losses, we also share much laughter.

​I sincerely hope that you gain as much strength and support from the group as I have, for I have been given more than I gave.

​Maureen K Williams
​Westboro, Ottawa

Membership Requirements

The only requirements for membership are to live in Canada and have a diagnosis of stage 4 breast cancer.


Contact Us

​​Email [email protected]
Text only 613 447-5871